Fostering Solidarity Among Ethiopians in America

About The Organization

This is the official website for the Association of Ethiopian's Union.   This organization was founded in 1996 by a group of about twenty concerned ethiopians with the same objective.   In 2002 it became a full fledged non-profit organization aimed at supporting and providing resources to dislocated and needy ethiopians in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

With the combined effort of the community members the AEU often arranges visits to convalescent individuals and sometimes if situations worsen, this organization plans to meet the gap of costly cultural burial expenses.

As the organization's logo indicates the Sankofa bird carrying her egg in her mouth while turning back symbolizes our goal of moving the community forward without forgetting the cultural past.

Sankofa is a word in the Akan language of Ghana, when translated literally is "reach back and get it".   It is a symbol of the importance of learning from the past.
Adinkra symbols like the heart shape are also interchangably used by the Akan people to express proverbs and other philosophical ideas.

With the growing generation of millenials born our of first generation ethiopian diaspora, there is a growing need to conserve our heritage and culture. At the same time to make sure we give a helping hand so the community can grow together.

Contact us at (855) 474-7109 to request more information about this Ethiopian community in Dallas, Texas.
Proudly serving Ethiopians in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas